GPL-TOX Testing is one of the best ways to assess the underlying cause, or contributing factors to a wide range of disorders

GPL-TOX screens for 172 different toxins that we are regularly exposed to from pollutants in air, water, food, and environment.This profile also includes Tiglyglycine (TG), a marker for mitochondrial disorders resulting from mutations of mitochondrial DNA.


"Excellent screening assessment for chemical exposure."

  • GPL-TOX screens for 172 different environmental pollutants using 18 different metabolites, all from a single urine sample.
  • Uses the power of advanced mass spectrometry (MS/MS), which is necessary to detect lower levels of certain genetic, mitochondrial, and toxic chemical markers that conventional mass spectrometry often misses.
  • GPL-TOX also includes Tiglylglycine, a marker for mitochondrial damage, which is often seen in chronic toxic chemical exposure.
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Only 3 Steps To Get Started

1. Sign Up

Simply sign up and order the GLP-TOX Profile Test. A registered healthcare practitioner will submit the request for a kit on your behalf.

2. Receive Test Kit

You will receive a urine collection cup as well as other materials in the test kit. Please review all instructions prior to performing this test.

3. Start Connecting

Kits should be shipped back to the laboratory in the enclosed packaging. Results take 2 weeks upon receipt of the specimen by the laboratory.

What our patients say:

OMG! I'm feeling much better now that Dr. Jacqueline has helped me put together a plan of action to remove these pollutants from my body.
We are trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together for our 6yr old son who is diagnosed with Autism. This has show us how pollutants are everywhere in the environment.
John Davis

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GLP-TOX Profile

The Most Popular Test
$ 279
  • Lab Test
  • GPL-TOX screens for 173 different environmental pollutants
  • Toxic chemical markers
  • Markers for mitochondrial damage
  • One urine sample
  • Doctor’s Review of Test Results
  • Doctor’s Recommended Course of Action
  • GPL-TOX pairs perfectly with our Organic Acids Test (OAT) and our Glyphosate Test in the Enviro-TOX Panel

GLP-Tox + Organic Acid & Glyphosate Test

More Opportunities
$ 760
  • GPL-TOX screens for 173 different environmental pollutants
  • OAT Testing
  • Glyphosate Test
  • One urine sample
  • Doctor’s Review of Test Results
  • Doctor’s Recommended Course of Action

Be Proactive About Lab Work

GPL-TOX pairs perfectly with the Organic Acids Test (OAT) and the Glyphosate Test in the Enviro-TOX Panel.  This panel offers you comprehensive testing to assess exposure to common environmental toxins and the damage that can be caused by this exposure and all from one urine sample.

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It is the most comprehensive and competitively priced GLP-TOX test available.

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with your professional health care provider if you are taking any medication.