Zyto Evox Affirmations Explained


Have you done a Zyto EVOX affirmation scan and found it crazy that this machine seems to read your mind? 

The reason it can do that is because of the galvanic skin response technology that is used.

Galvanic skin response is a technology that was created over 150 years ago and has been used for many years in lie detector testing.

It is based on the principle that electrical properties of the skin respond to stress.

This technology can be used to not only identify stressors to the body and mind, but can also identify how to balance it.

The Zyto EVOX provides the corresponding frequencies that help to balance the identified stressors, in order of importance.

This sometimes comes in the form of affirmation statements.

When we speak, we create life or death and when the body is ill, it is vibrating at frequencies not promoting life.

The Zyto EVOX affirmation statements that come up in a session, help to reprogram the body and mind in a way that calms the nervous system down to a state that is life promoting where true peace ☺️, harmony and health can reside.

After identifying the balancing affirmation statements, this incredible technology sends the balancing frequencies back into the body during the Zyto EVOX session.

They are also imprinted in water to drink after, which further helps speed up the body to get back into a vibrational coherence. 

Isn’t this amazing?! 

See the Emotional Wellness Cleanse link in my bio to schedule your Zyto EVOX sessions and get your personalized affirmation statement frequency treatments.

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