Coronavirus: God is Always in the Business of Healing with Dr Marti & Pastor Mark

god business

Dr. Marti Souza is the senior pastor of Voice of Triumph Church. She is a spiritual adviser to marketplace leaders and a humanitarian advocate for the nations.

She has a very strong prophetic insight and delivers incredible hope for people during this time of the pandemic. Dr. Marti sees new entrepreneurs emerging with online businesses during this season, and people learning how to have multiple revenue streams.

Pastor Mark is the associate pastor of Voice of Triumph Church. He talks about how we are a mind, body, and spirit and this is a great opportunity to make time for God since many have more time available.

They discuss how worship can break the heaviness that is going on spiritually and how God is always in the business of healing.

This podcast ended with a beautiful prayer from Dr. Marti and Dr. Jacqueline.

To learn more about: -Dr. & Sr. Pastor Marti & Pastor Mark:

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