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It is discovering how much God love’s you and has a divine purpose for your life and then walking that purpose out. Through this journey, she discovered that her purpose was to help people get to the root of their health challenges so they can live out their purpose and live life to the fullest.

For over a decade she struggled with chronic fatigue as well as hair loss, acne, digestion and liver issues, emotional challenges and brain fog.  Finding answers and healing in those areas, has allowed Dr. Jacqueline to be very empathetic towards her client’s health and wellness challenges.

After having several jobs in the natural health industry from personal training to working on a microgreen farm and a dentist for a few years, and consulting many other practitioners with their natural health businesses, she and her husband launched The Wellness Trinity. They desire to provide the best services and natural remedies available to help guide people back to optimal health and wellness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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Mitochondria Frequency

Biofield tuning is an energy therapy that uses sound to bring balance to all dimensions of your health. Using specific tones generated through tuning forks, this therapy clears congestion and stress in your energy field, also known as your biofield.

This series of 5 recordings is about tuning the body to deal with frequency imbalances related to mitochondrial dysfunction.

Full Moon Live Biofield Tuning Session

Join us live every Month on Instagram at 5:30pm PST!

Every month on a day near the full moon, Dr. Jacqueline Gutierrez, BCDNM harmonizes the body’s frequencies using Biofield Tuning with a specific intention and goal in mind that can help the listeners have more health and success in their detox protocols and life in general.

Come ready to learn, engage, relax and be fine tuned for optimal health and success!

“After the last mito frequency biofield tuning live, my ears finally drained! My energy levels went through the roof! “


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