Detox: Cleanse, Reset, Renew

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Ever wonder what is at the root of your health challenges? Are you not getting the answers that you are searching for in why you are not feeling at your top best?

In the last blog, I discussed How to Restore a Leaky Gut. Most health issues have a direct correlation with a Leaky GutLeaky Gut is when this mucus membrane gets damaged and the tight junctions are torn apart. This can be caused by toxins and undigested food particles, and when these are present and there are tears in the gut, the toxins and undigested food particles seep through and lead to further health complications.

Detox is a huge buzz word and few or few are aware of what it means and its implications for it. The bottom line is that toxicity leads to an imbalance in the body which leads to illness. We are exposed to many toxins daily and in order to get well, we must discover what toxins we are being exposed to and how to eliminate them.

When I do Live Blood Cell AuditingI see several signs in the blood of different toxins & undigested food particles that people have that are causing the Leaky Gut.

Here are a few signs:




  • Poor protein digestion
  • Dehydration


  • Fatigue
  • Hard heart beat
  • Blood pressure off




  • Bacteria or parasites that have entered the cells because of pH imbalance/biological terrain


  • Autoimmune disease
  • Low energy


Phospholipid Forms.png


  • Candida/yeast overgrowth
  • Sugar issues


  • Exhaustion
  • Cravings for sweets
  • Brain fog
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Joint pain
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Chronic sinus and allergy issues

Cholesterol Crystal



  • Cholesterol
  • Poor fat digestion


  • High blood pressure
  • Clogged arteries

Uric Acid Crystal

Uric Acid.png



  • Uric acid excess
  • Bacteria


  • Autoimmune disease
  • Arthritis
  • Gout


  • Parasites infection
  • Low stomach acid
  • Merging of different toxins


  • Circulation issues
  • Immune weakness
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Nervousness
  • Rectal itching, especially at night
  • Sore Joints
  • Memory problems
  • Hungry all the time
  • Mood disorders

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? These are only a few of the many types of toxins and undigested food in the body there are others.

When you discover what you are dealing with, a customized plan can be created to get rid of them. Many people just take a shot-in-the-dark approach with detox and do not get specific on the different infections that they need to detox. That might help to a certain extent but it is best to have a baseline of where you are starting so you know where you end up as you go through a detox program. Testing and a customized program with a skilled natural health practitioner are key to success because different toxins need different protocols.

No matter what toxins people are dealing with, here are 2 things that all people need to do to start any detox program clean air and water. Without air and water, a person does not live very long and much of the air and water we are consuming is full of toxins. When trying to detox and get healthy, it’s important to stop taking in as many toxins as possible.

Here are some products that you can use to help clean up your air and water. Adding some lemon or lime to your water has great detox benefits as well like purifying and stimulating the liver and aiding in digestion.

Alexapure Home Air Filter

Alexapure Water Filter

Alexapure Air Filter.jpg
Alexapure Water Filter.jpg

Alexapure Car Air Filter

Alexapure Car Filter.jpg



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