How Trauma Affects Your Biochemistry & Energy

How Trauma Affects your Biochemistry

Trauma leaves deep imprints on both our minds and bodies, affecting our biochemistry and energy in profound ways. Did you know that you can actually see how trauma impacts your biochemistry and energy levels?


In my latest video, “How Trauma Affects Your Biochemistry & Energy,” I explore this fascinating topic and explain how you can gain insights into your health through Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).

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Understanding how trauma affects your biochemistry and energy is the first step towards healing. HTMA offers a powerful tool for uncovering hidden imbalances and guiding effective interventions.


Watch my latest video here to learn more about how trauma impacts your biochemistry and how HTMA can help you regain balance and vitality.


Steps to Take


1. Schedule an HTMA Test: If you suspect that trauma has affected your biochemistry and energy, consider scheduling an HTMA test. This test provides a comprehensive view of your mineral status and guides targeted interventions.


2. Implement Personalized Recommendations: Based on your HTMA results, follow the personalized recommendations provided by your healthcare professional to rebalance your minerals and support your recovery.


3. Join the Cerebral Detox Program: For a holistic approach to addressing the effects of trauma, consider joining our Cerebral Detox program at The Wellness Trinity. This program includes HTMA testing and a range of therapies designed to detoxify and heal your brain and body.


Empower yourself with knowledge and take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life today!

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