Mental Wellness: Neuroscience Expert’s Strategy to Cope with Dr. Patrick K Porter, Ph.D.


Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D. is the founder and Chief BrainTap Officer at BrainTap™, which was created with a singular mission in mind: to better a billion brains. With its proprietary app and headset technology, BrainTap enables users to tackle the challenges of today’s stressful world and enhance their quality of life through improved brain health.

In this podcast Dr. Porter, Ph.D. explains: What neuroplasticity is and how we can retrain our brain

How does stress affect a person’s health What happens when a person thinks a negative thought

What is the BrainTap and how it relates to neuroplasticity and helping people maintain a healthy attitude?

How the Brain Tap works, how it feels, and who can benefit from it

The Brain Tap quickly calms the nervous system down

How clients have used BrainTap in the past to help them with health issues

Some research that is going on right now with BrainTap

To learn more about: -Dr. Patrick Porter:

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