Special Election Podcast: How Politicians Affect our Health w/ WA State Rep Candidate Justin Forsman

politicians affect our health

Justin Forman is a Washington State Representative candidate for the 2020 election. He is a political activist who is natural medicine oriented and an advocate against glyphosate (round up), 5G technologies, and water fluoridation.

In this podcast Justin Forsman explains:

  • His story of being raised in foster care and homeless, to becoming a business owner and future politician
  • How fluoride in water affects our thyroid, mental IQ, bones & teeth, and causes cancer
  • His stance on the “china” virus, v@ccine$, m!croch!ps and masks
  • How v@ccine$ are linked to infertility
  • Dr. Jacqueline’s story of being escorted off the plane for not wearing a mask and what the police told her
  • When we stand up for truth in what we are called to do, it brings hope
  • Why he believes 5G negatively impacts our health and putting a phone near your head can cause brain cancer
  • Fewer taxes leads to more businesses and people spending money and boosting the economy as well as more money to spend on healthy living
  • Our rights in the constitution were given to us by God so if we take God out of our country, we are not America anymore


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