Zyto Balance Scan

We also look at the Zyto Wellness Report to get a comprehensive understanding of why a person may be experiencing the health and/or fitness challenges they are experiencing.  


The Zyto Wellness Report shows what is stressing these Four Core Systems:  

-Detoxification System 

-Gastrointestinal System 

-Hormonal/Endocrine System 

-Immune System 


It also looks at these different lifestyle areas to figure out what are their source of stressors: 

-Diet & Nutrition 





-Toxic Stress 


After review all of this information with the client, we explain how to support areas of the body that may be weak as well as how to remove toxins that show up on the scan, with supplements, nutrition, lifestyle changes and complementing therapies. 


This service is done with the Initial Comprehensive Consultation to get a fuller understanding of the client’s current state of health and understanding of the root of their health or fitness challenges. It can also be done by itself if a client just wants to do this test.

Price: $100 



1. How does the Zyto Balance Scan work? 


The Zyto Balance Scan uses a galvanic skin response to measure fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin. This is the same technology that is used in a lie die detector setting. The Zyto technology works just like traditional muscle testing does, without having to do the manual labor of pumping the client’s arm. It sends frequencies in the body to figure out what organs, glands or systems are stressed and why.  


2. Why are these supplements recommended? 


Everything in nature has frequency. The Zyto Balance Scan discovers the frequencies that are off in the body and matches them with frequencies in essential oils and supplements that help re-balance the frequencies that are off in the body. 


3. Why are the biomarkers out of range? 


  • The body could be having an out of range response to something that is actually causing the body stress. 
  • The terrain of the body is such that if that stress were to be present the body would not be able handle the stress without issue. 
  • There is an energetic tie to the stressor, the body dealt with that stress in the past and may act threatened by the prospect of dealing with that stress again. Or – the person is energetically aware of how the stress could impact them and the body responds with an out of range response. 
  • There is an emotional connection to the stress.  Hanging onto and not fully dealing with negative emotions can be a major factor in disease.  If there are repressed emotions they can cause a weakness in the body that makes the body more susceptible to stressors.  This can also cause the body to have an Out of Range response.