Coronavirus: How CellCore Biosciences Stays Strong Through The Storm with Alek Jetsel

cellcore storm

Although only a team member of the CellCore Biosciences family for a few months, Alek Jetsel has seen the effects of the immense growth that has happened going into the new decade and how they have worked behind the scenes to stay strong in this Coronavirus season.

In this podcast Alek Jetsel explains:

-Why he thinks CellCore Biosciences is staying so strong during this period

-The corporate culture in the office at Cellcore Biosciences

-His daily routine, including different ways CellCore gets everyone excited and ready for work during the day

-Everyone in the company is constantly educating themselves including the support team

-CellCore’s team members and including the owners, Dr. Todd Watts and Dr. Jay Davidson, really care for one another, and there is an environment of encouragement

-Programs CellCore has that help them take the best care of customers

-CellCore not only promotes physical and mental wellness for the customers but for their employees as well, which is a key to their success

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