Coronavirus: Oxygen Saturation & Cellular Energy for Immunity with Dr. Vohn Watts, DC

oxygen saturation

Dr. Vohn Watts, DC is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and the National Director of Sales for CellCore Biosciences. In this podcast Dr.

Watts explains:

-The importance of the mitochondria & why it is important to have cellular energy for your immunity

-That Vitamin C is crucial during times like this

-How BioMoleclar Oxygen can possibly help respiratory illnesses and increase oxygen saturation

-What tests he does do to see how strong his patient’s immune system is

-That MitoATP is his favorite supplement because of the amazing energy he gets from it

To learn more about: -Dr. Vohn Watts, DC:…

-Dr. Jacqueline’s Cerebral Detox program:

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