Coronavirus: Therapies that May Help in the Fight with Robby Besner, PSc.D

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Therapies like infrared saunas, ozone therapy, and essential oils are incredible for dealing with pathogens and helping to stay calm and at peace during these uncertain times.

Robby Besner, PSc.D is the CEO and Chief Science Officer of Therasage, Premier Infrared Healing Products, and is recognized as the leader in integrated infrared technology.

The Wellness Trinity endorses its products and offers them in its online store for its clients.

In this podcast Robby explains:

-Why he recommends infrared saunas, ozone therapy, and essential oils

-How nitric oxide and oxygen help the body deal with pathogens, including viruses

-How to supercharge your infrared sauna experience

-The importance of using binders while detoxing

-How the TheraAir works and the benefits of “forest air”

To learn more about:

-Robby Besner, PSc.D: 

-Dr. Jacqueline’s Cerebral Detox program:

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