Emotional Setbacks that Hinder your Health & Fitness Breakthroughs

fitness breakthroughs

“If you focus on your goal, the fear goes away” -Dr. James Dentley 


What if the reason you haven’t been able to break through with your health & fitness new year resolutions is because of your emotions? 


I have worked in the health & fitness space for over a decade, and have seen over and over again that people are usually dealing with some types of emotional blockages when they cannot move forward in their health & fitness programs.  


Bach Flowers (or Flower Essences) are a type of natural remedy that help people release the emotional blockages. At The Wellness Trinity, we customize blends for clients based on what their emotional challenges are.  


Through my experience, I have discovered some main emotional blockages that people have when it comes to health, fitness and weight loss, and created Bach Flower Remedy Blend to help people get past these blocks.  


Here are the Bach Flowers in this Fitness Bach Flower Remedy blend & what they help overcome: 


  1. Crab Apple (poor self-image, to feel good about yourself, overweight, skin/digestive problems) 
  1. Pine (self-destructive, self-acceptance, deserving, feels worthless, common for victims of child abuse) 
  1. Elm (Overwhelmed with the stress of great responsibilities, inability to keep up with goals, self-confidence) 
  1. Hornbeam (Uncertainty from burnout that manifests in procrastination, tendency toward overweight) 
  1. Wild Oat (Uncertainty about life’s goals, Commitment, unfulfilled Tends to overeat) 
  1. Walnut (transition, new beginning, breakthrough, ability to move forward and remain steadfast (unwavering), not easily influenced in times of change) 
  1. Aspen (fear of the unknown, victims of child abuse, rape, feels protected) 


I cannot stress enough the importance of addressing the emotional and spiritual components of a person when it comes to wellness. A bach flower remedy is a great addition to someone’s health or fitness program because it helps put people in the right mindset to take the correct action steps.  


A healthy body creates a healthy mind, and a healthy mind creates a healthy body.  


It is important to come from a place where you love yourself. This is not in an arrogant way but that you truly love and honor your life and body the way God does. In this place of love, changes can give birth.  


When people do not feel good about themselves (Crab Apple) and/or feel like they are not deserving to take care of themselves (Pine), they are not going to be very inclined to stick to a program that is for the best of them, unless they come to the point where they are completely sick and tired of feeling that way.  


Some people feel overwhelmed because being healthy and fit is an extra thing on their long list of things to do list  (Elm). This overwhelm people and cause them to procrastinate (Hornbeam) 


Others might not have a true sense of purpose behind why they want to be healthy and fit (Wild Oat). When people do not have a purpose they can tend to overeat and find comfort in food. 


Sometimes people’s outside influence are holding them back from change and it is difficult to stay on track (Walnut). It can be comforting in and of itself to stay in a place of discomfort just because it is familiar. Fear of the unknow holds people back as well to be completely committed to their health goals (Aspen). 


For many, there is usually a combination of these emotions going on when it comes to making changes for the better in one’s health and fitness, and this is why I have combined Crab Apple, Pine, Elm, Hornbeam, Wild Oat, Walnut, and Aspen in the Fitness Bach Flower Remedy. You can always set up a Bach Flower Consultation to discover if any other Bach Flowers are right for you, but this is a great start that covers the most common emotional setbacks that I see in our practice.  

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