3 Reasons Why People Do Not Reach Their Health Goals

3 health goals

According to the University of Scranton research, only 8% of goal resolutions that are set are achieved. That means 92% of them fail! Why is that?!?! 


 1. Low confidence 


After doing much research, I found that there are a few common reasons, the biggest one being that they are not confident they can stick to it. More women feel like they need to break down their goals into simple tasks, while men need technology to stay on track. This is good to know if you fall into either of these categories.


2. Setting goals that are not realistic 


f you set a goal to lose weight in 2021, how much weight do you want to lose? 1-2 pounds of weight loss is a healthy amount to lose every week.

Sometimes when people first embark on a fitness or detox journey they see huge results, and then some find it harder to break through after a while. Although the 1-2 pounds/week is a good goal, just know that some may lose more at first as well.

I personally found a more realistic goal for weight loss or fitness, is to focus more on being at my optimal health. When optimal health and wellness is someone’s focus their weight should balance out if they are taking the correct steps.  


3. Bad influence & not the right support 


Who are you hanging around that is stealing your joy by not supporting your health and fitness goals? Do you have people that laugh at you when you try to do something good for yourself? These types of people do not really have your best interest in mind, and even though some you love, you may need to spend limited time with them or even cut them out. Do not forget, you were born for a purpose and a reason, and you and your health matter! 

Meetup groups like The Wellness Trinity’s Facebook group are a great place to meet like-minded people that have the best interests in living a healthy lifestyle.  

Many also find it best to have a coach who can continually help the client constantly remind them what their goal is, why they want that, and how to get past their setbacks.

I have had different people in my life help me keep pressing on toward my goals too and when the going gets rough they have helped me to persevere. This is why I love to coach others with their health and fitness journey.  

It’s time to lose the weight you desire and keep it off! 

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