How Detox Relates to Fitness

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Did you know that year after year people set goals to get healthier and lose weight? These are the top sought new year resolutions that people have.  


Many people do not realize that they often are too sick to exercise. A lot of people’s number one complaint over being overweight is that they do not have enough energy. There is a reason why people’s energy is low and it is due to the chemical imbalances that people have.  


People have toxic burdens that are draining their energy reserves and also a lack of the vital nutrients that it takes to create energy.  


Did you know that it even takes a body to be chemically balanced to sleep? When people have a liver that is on overdrive trying to eliminate toxins or the body is lacking vital nutrients like magnesium or tryptophan, people cannot sleep well and as a result, wake up with lower energy to tackle the day. When people do not have enough energy, they are less motivated and inclined to get their workouts in.  


When people are overly toxic, their body tends to hold on to weight as well because it is a defense mechanism so the toxins do not completely destroy them. 


When I use to be a personal trainer in the gym, I had clients that would be consistent with their workouts and yet still have a challenge losing weight but once they dealt with the toxicity challenges and made good tweaks to their diet they would not have a problem dropping pounds and losing inches. 


We have to look at the body as a whole to have the most effective weight loss program and detox has to be a key element for long-term success.    


In 2023 let’s make it a goal to not just lose weight or get healthier, but to discover what truly is holding you back! 

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