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How Mitochondrial dysfunction works

If you can fix the mitochondria, you can heal the body…

Mitochondrial dysfunction occurs when the mitochondria cannot convert food and oxygen into life-sustaining cellular energy which is called ATP.

The mitochondria are organelles in our cells where ATP is made.

Precise levels of minerals, electrons, and polysaccharides are required for peak mitochondrial performance.

Without these components, you cannot detox and repair the body, so oxidative stress increases within your cells with this backup of toxins.

The mitochondria get slowed and damaged not only from deficiencies but also from toxins, infections, and frequency imbalances including emotional trauma.

During these slow-down periods as the cells lose their ability to be fully “charged,” cell death may occur and organ systems begin to fail and even stop functioning. Fatigue, aging, and chronic disease arise as a result.

A thoroughly targeted detoxification program, including energy medicine, can help get to the roots of mitochondrial dysfunction.

This picture was taken from a video in my Cerebral Detox program that my clients get access to when they do their Full Initial Consultation.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, I would love to help you!

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