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Biofield Tuning: Harmonizing Ancestral Trauma

If you don’t mind baby sounds in the background, here is a free Biofield Tuning session for you to help harmonize generational trauma passed down from your father’s side that is affecting your digestive system. Baby Leo has been making a frustrated sound lately and when I did a Body Code session on him, I discovered a miasm (which is an inherited sickness memory) passed down from his father’s side. When muscle testing during his Biofield Tuning session, the solar plexus chakra came up to work on, as well as the ancestral river on the father’s side which is generational frequency imbalances that are passed down that we’re affecting his solar plexus. Many of the digestive organs are in the solar plexus region so as we work on the solar plexus, organs like the liver and gallbladder also benefit. If you have unresolved digestive challenges, you may find it super beneficial to tune your solar plexus and even your sacral chakra. When listening to this session, take it in as if it was recording for you, because if you’re led to listen, it was scary! Also, do your best to find a comfortable place to relax, pay attention, and deep breathing during this session to get the maximum benefit. I’d love to hear any takeaways you got from this! Enjoy! 😇✨💕 💜 Dr. Jacqueline, BCDNM

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