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Mental Wellness: Biohacking Tips for Business Success with Michael Wood

At 25 years old, Mike Wood’s doctor diagnosed him with high blood pressure. He knew the typical unhealthy college lifestyle led to this so took matters into his own hands and fixed his diet and lifestyle. His diet and lifestyle fixed the blood pressure and he has been biohacking ever since. In this podcast Mike Wood explains:

  • -His story of being diagnosed with high blood pressure and given a prescription for blood pressure medication led him to seek answers in college about his health
  • -His biohacking diet and how a vegan diet didn’t work for him
  • -His biohacking Supplements: MitoATP, BioMolecular Oxygen, BioActive Carbon Minerals & BioActive Carbon Iodine
  • -The connection between chemicals and epigenetics
  • -Why the quality of your supplements matters
  • -Why the CellCore Protocol is the ultimate biohacking program and how it can help people thrive and live life to the fullest
  • -The relationship between cognitive decline, environmental toxins, and the glymphatic system


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