Mental Wellness: Gardening for Stress Relief with Christina Chao, LMT, CLT, FDN-P

gardening for stress

Christina Chao, LMT, CLT, FDN-P is a Functional Nutrition Health Coach. She is also a Biblical Counselor, certified Post-Op Lymphatic Massage Therapist, and a CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner. In this podcast, Christina Chao, LMT, CLT, FDN-P explains:

-What gardening is and why we are not gardening nowadays

-Why we should consider gardening -How gardening can help with stress relief

-How stress can affect your garden

-Gardening enhances your awareness of yourself and your environment

To learn more about: -Christina Chao, LMT, CLT, FDN-P:

Email: [email protected]

-Dr. Jacqueline’s

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