Mental Wellness: Impact of Chiropractic & Essential Oils on the Nervous system with Dr. Denno, DC


Dr. Debbie Denno, DC ran a chiropractic practice for 19 years and taught chiropractic students at Cleveland University for 12 years.

Now she is the education liaison for CellCore Biosciences. She suffered from anxiety and depression for over 4 decades and after 1-2 months on the CellCore Detox Protocol, she was able to get off the meds she was taking for those challenges.

In this podcast Dr. Debbie Denno, DC explains:

-The benefit of rubbing BioMolecular Oxygen on the carotenoid arteries

-How supporting the lymphatic system may help with sleep

-What essential oils are most effective to improve mood

-How can chiropractic help impact our mental health

-Adjustments help with blood flow throughout the whole body

-Adjustments help people get into a parasympathetic state which is more conducive to healing

To learn more about:

-Dr. Debbie Denno, DC:

Email: [email protected]

FB: @debbie.denno

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