Mental Wellness: The Healing Power of Oxygenation



Shawn Bean, 500-CYT worked in the chiropractic profession for 15 years (custom-fit orthotics, low-level laser therapy, and brain entrainment). She is a Business Growth Specialist at BrainTap Technologies and travels nationwide to seminars and conventions.

She is also a yoga teacher with a 200-hour and 500-hour certification and teaches in the community as well as nationwide at chiropractic events.

In this podcast Shawn Bean, 500-CYT explains:

-What biomechanics is

-The connection between the body’s biomechanics and foot structure, and how it relates to mental wellness

-The Importance of breathing properly and how proper Posture affect our breathing

-How Yoga & Breathing exercises create calmness and reduce stress & anxiety

-Controlled breathing turns on our parasympathetic nervous system & helps you look from the inside out

-What is the difference between left and right-brained thinkers and what is the importance of joining them together

-How does light therapy heal the body

-How does sound therapy heals the body

-What isochronic tones and binaural beats are

-How the Brain Tap is a meditation devise that includes light and sound therapy and helps to oxygenate the body

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