Mental Wellness: Why Autism is on the Rise with Dr. Kurt N Woeller, D.O.

why autism on the rise

There is hope if your child or family member has autism. Dr. Kurt Woeller, D.O. has been a functional and integrative medicine physician, as well as a biomedical autism specialist, for over two decades.

In this podcast he explains:

-The current trends for autism

-How much autism costs for families

-Environmental causes of autism like thymericol and Ochratoxin A

-What the Organic Acids Test is and common markers he finds on the test for individuals with autism

-Other tests such as the MycoToxin Test, IgG Food Allergy Test, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, and GPL-TOX -Why it’s important to eat a variety of plant-based food, especially for autistic individuals

-Why there is so much hope, especially if this is addressed early on

To contact Dr. Kurt Woeller, D.O. please visit: His clinic:

His autism support system:

His autism course for practitioners:

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