Resentment, the Gallbladder & Live Blood Cell Connection


Sometimes our health challenges need a physical solution such as a good diet and supplement recommendations, and sometimes there is an emotion that needs to be dealt with. Many times, it’s both.  


In the live blood sample above, you see the pink arrow pointing to a blood cell with a protrusion. This is a sign of gallbladder malfunction which can be correlated to a lack of bile salts and unsaturated fatty acids. 


When our bile salts are low, are fats do not digest properly and then you can have problems with your hormones. The orange arrow is pointed to a blood cell that reflects hormonal imbalances. 


Our blood cells are also made up of a phospholipid bi-layer, which means that they are surrounded by fats, so when are fats are not digested then we can have oxidative stress signs in our blood like the poilkilocyte that the green arrow is pointing to.  


This client eats a pretty healthy diet with a lot of fat and good supplements, so the question that health practitioners need to ask until they get a clear answer, is “Why?” 


Knowing that the gallbladder is related to the emotion of anger and resentment, we decided to pray about where this anger and resentment came from. Many emotions came up about her current life, and then we asked, ”How long have these emotions persisted?” She got a picture of her mother’s womb and saw many generations before her. We came to the conclusion that she was carrying a negative emotion that has been passed down from generation to generation and prayed that that negative generational emotion would stop here. 


When our emotions are disrupted it can cause a disruption with our healthy gut bacteria. This can lead to our B-vitamins being poorly manufactured, which can lead to the microcyte (little blood cell) in the blood we see the purple arrow pointing to and the macrocyte (big blood cell) next to it. Low B-vitamins are correlated to low energy. 


It is important to deal with our emotions while we are trying to heal from a health challenge because there are many health challenges that can spiral out from a negative emotion.  


In the right time, allow the emotion to surface, release it to God and see the freedom that can come from it.

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