Women’s Health Series: Anti-aging Medicine for Joint Pain with Dr. Angela Cortal, ND

Anti Aging medicine podcast

Dr. Angela Cortal is a Naturopathic Physician who helps women get to the bottom of chronic joint pain so they can heal and live life to its fullest. She just launched a new book on this subject called Younger Joints Today.

In this podcast Dr. Angela Cortal, ND explains:

  • What degenerative joint disease is
  • What treatment is usually recommended for degenerative joint disease
  • Why this treatment sometimes does not work
  • Where patients can turn if the recommendations aren’t helping
  • Why this approach is not part of the standard treatment model

To learn more about: -Dr. Angela Cortal, ND:


IG: @drangelacortal

FB: @drangelacortal

Her new book: Younger Joints Today

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