Women’s Health: Mastering Menopause Naturally with Melisa Byrne, B. HSc. Nat, MBP

mastering menopause naturally

Melisa Byrne, B. HSc. Nat, MBP has a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and is a Metabolic Balance Practitioner. She practices in 2 clinics in Adelaide, Australia.

In this podcast Melisa Byrne, B. HSc. Nat, MBP explains:

  • What hormonal changes happen at menopause
  • Why women commonly experience hot flashes and night sweats before, during, and after menopause
  • Possible foods and drinks to avoid and eat more of to reduce the symptoms commonly experienced at menopause
  • Lifestyle habits should women adopt to support their health at this time
  • Why women might notice that they gain weight around the abdomen more easily in their late 40s or 50s
  • Why it is so important to manage stress so a woman can go through menopause with ease
  • What naturopathic approach for treating menopause

To learn more about: -Melisa Byrne, B. HSc. Nat, MBP:


IG: @melisa_byrne_naturopath

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