Women’s Health: Understanding Female Related Cancers with Michael Reid, IFOC


Michael Reid is a Functional Medicine Oncology Coach, AADP Certified Integrative Health Coach, and founder of HealthAsMeant2B with a love a restless curiosity for Functional Medicine in how it looks at all the many angles that can be taken to support the entire body feeling better and with the possibility of even reversing itself from the symptoms of the dis-ease.

In this podcast Michael Reid, IFOC explains:

-If someone can get breast cancer if it does not run in their family
-How a diagnosis of breast cancer can be traumatizing for someone
-Common early-on health-related signs for higher risk of Breast Cancer
-The mind/body connection is a key component in recovery and avoiding the progression of the cancer
-What someone will often need to manage the side effects of post-oncology treatment

To learn more about: -Michael Reid:


IG: @bornhealth_trekkie

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