Women’s Health: Breast Implant Illness with Rachel Everett and Brian Grubb

Breast Implant Illness podcast

Brian Grubb and Rachel Everett Formed Grubb Global over 3 years ago. They teach doctors how to create a world-class experience with their patients by providing a personal concierge medical service.

In this podcast, they explain

  • Rachel’s Breast explant experience
  • The fears around this that women might have like their man not being happy with their explant
  • Brian’s experience as a husband and dealing with her Rachel’s issues
  • How all of this goes back to loving who you are
  • Her illness from having breast implants
  • Both of their experience with using CellCore Biosciences and how it’s helped their health challenges with SIBO, Lyme, and Parasites.

To learn more about: -Rachel Everett and Brian Grubb:


IG: @rachelleverett333

IG: @briangrubb.333

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