Mental Wellness: A Holistic Journey with COVID19 with Dr. Achint Choksy, MD, BS, RYT

holistic covid

After a wonderful show with Dr. Achint Choksy, MD, BS, RYT Dr. Choksy, regarding his stance on medical marijuana last month, we decided to bring him back on the show to talk about:

-His journey with COVID-19 and why he is not afraid of it

-How did he treat himself and how his holistic lifestyle helped him overcome COVID-19

-How understanding how living holistically can give us peace

-The mechanism of action of how COVID-19 works to change your physiology

-The connection with oxidative stress

-What his options are about a second wave of the virus

-The positive opportunities are to find in all this To learn more about:

-Dr. Achint Choksy, MD:

IG: @aceintegrativehealth

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