Mental Wellness: Balancing the Chakras with Nicole Borghi

balance the chakras

Nicole Borghi, a certified Reiki ll Holy Fire & Aroma Touch practitioner, is the owner of Illuminate Vegas. She overcame adult depression at the moment of surrender to the truth that she had no one to blame, but herself. She sought guidance and found mentors who helped her find self-love that opened her heart and healed emotional wounds and her soul. 

In this podcast, Nicole Borghi explains:

-When you suppress that energy you become like a time bomb

-How reiki helps people release stress and negative energy

-What chakras are and why is it important to balance them

-What each chakra does -How reiki can help balance chakras

-Why the pineal gland can get calcified and how that affects our intuition and sleep

-How to choose a good reiki practitioner

To learn more about: -Nicole Borghi:

IG: @illuminatevegas

-Dr. Jacqueline’s Cerebral Detox program: 

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