Women’s health: A New Perspective on Solutions for PMS, PMDD & Fibromyalgia w/ Dr. Achint Choksy, MD


Dr. Choksy is a board-certified Family Medicine physician who specializes in the care of patients in ages ranging from 0 to 100+ years. He is now specializing in Anti-Aging and Integrative medicine which combines natural, herbal, metabolic, functional, nutritional medicine, and medical yoga with conventional medicine to provide truly holistic, preventive, and personalized care.

Dr. Choksy has a special interest in chronic disease reversal, wellness, and preventive medicine.

In this podcast Dr. Achint Choksy, MD, BS, RYT explains:

  • How he has a patient who is taking large amounts of Para 1 and Para 2 and how they are doing now
  • What PMS is and when a woman is healthy, is it normal
  • What PMDD is and how common it is
  • What causes PMDD -What Fibromyalgia is and how he helps someone with fibromyalgia
  • What causes bloating, gas, super low energy, irritability, tenderness of breast around a woman’s period.

To learn more about: -Dr. Achint Choksy, MD, BS, RYT



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