Women’s Health: Why Chinese Medicine Treats you like the Queen that you are with Dr. Elie Cole, DAOM

Chines Medicine treatments

Dr. Elie Cole is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She always had empathy and compassion for those who are suffering so it was no surprise that she ended up in a healing arts profession. She became a Chinese medicine doctor to answer that call to alleviate suffering in those around me.

In this podcast Dr. Elie Cole, DAOM explains

1. What the difference is between an acupuncturist and a Chinese herbalist, and a doctor of Chinese medicine

2. What you love about being a Chinese medicine practitioner

3. How acupuncture works

4. What makes Chinese medicine unique from western medicine

5. The treatment she gives patients who come to her with menstrual migraines

6. Each patient is treated differently according to their pattern of imbalance

7. She explains the different patterns for menstrual migraines

8. How Chinese medicine treats you like a queen

To learn more about: -Dr. Elie Cole, DAOM:

IG: @nourishing.medicine.clinic


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