Women’s Health: The Trojan Horse Effect-What Causes Allergies w/ Veronica Leslie, Naturopath


Veronica Leslie, Naturopath AKA the Health Doll, is an Agriculture Scientist turned Naturopath as well as co-founder and CEO of Root Cause Clinic. However, after suffering a series of health crises and finding no direction in the conventional medical sphere, Veronica embarked upon a quest for answers by utilizing her training as a scientist and love of all things photonic to isolate and elucidate the unique root cause factors that were in fact behind her own ailments. Her current areas of specialty include but are not limited to Lyme Disease, Stealth Pathogens, CIRS, and Immunomodulation using Bioenergetic, Herbal, Homeopathic, and Homeoprophylaxis healing modalities.

In this podcast Veronica Leslie, Naturopath explains:

  • How the “Secret Societies” tried to recruit her when she was younger to help with the global depopulation agenda -What photonics is
  • What bio frequency machines are and why the future is the frequency
  • Neuronal and immunological hijacking of parasites on the human and mammalian host can cause allergies
  • How to eliminate allergies and how the CellCore products play a role in that
  • How biophysics and quantum physics play a role in immune modulation and infection
  • Her thoughts about the Bible


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