Women’s Health: How the Nutrigenomic test can help with hypothyroidism with Wendy Nickell, GN, MH, CNP


In this podcast, Wendy Nickell, GN, MH, CNP explains

1. What Nutrigenomics is and the idea of Epigenetics -Are you doomed to get diseases that “run” in your family?

2. Why someone might want to get this testing done

3. How the Nutrigenomics test is different than what I can find online

4. What SNP’s are

5. What you can do to alter or change your destiny so you don’t have the same issues as your family

6. Estrogen metabolism

7. How the Nutrigenomic test can help with hypothyroidism

8. How the sample is obtained

9. The price of the test

10. How soon you get results

11. How often we need to re-run the test


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