Women’s Health: What Causes Infertility & Miscarriage with Dr. Allan Lindsley, DC

infertility and miscarriage

In this podcast, Dr. Allan Lindsley, DC explains:

-How his father’s death led him to become a doctor

-Why glyphosate is a big hidden root cause for infertility & miscarriages

-How glyphosate disrupts hormone production and collagen formation, and why this is important for the umbilical cord and placenta

-Why future mom’s need to be aware of Lyme disease

-The connection between the Babesia parasite and anemia and how it affects the liver

-If the mitochondria work everything works and some tips of how to keep them healthy

-The products he helped create for CellCore Biosciences: IS-BORR, IS-BART, IS-BAB, IS-BOOST, MitoATP

-Why he suggests mixing the HydrOxygen with his IS formulations

Dr. Allan Lindsley, DC has a very active practice that specializes in Lyme Disease, mitochondrial dysfunction, and Glyphosate removal.

In his practice, he noticed these were connected to the epidemic in his area of chronic fatigue and joint pain. Dr. Lindsley also helps develop products and lectures with Cellcore Bioscience in Boise, Idaho.


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